We select each one of our investments based on the criteria that it must Enrich Lives and create social benefits. Below are the commercial enterprises that The Foray Group owns and operates.

Wholesome website3

Wholesome Kids Catering


Wholesome Kids Catering (formally Food for Tots) provides healthy and nutritious hot meals and snacks to kids in child care centres, and schools. We enrich lives by giving kids the nourishment and energy they need to eat, grow and thrive! Our caring, experienced staff are passionate about providing healthy food and exceptional service to all of our customers in the Greater Toronto Area in Canada. Our education programs for teachers and parents also reinforce and support the need for healthy habits, and allow for discussion and strategies to support kids. For more information, please visit the Wholesome Kids Catering website.



Centres for Early Learning

Centres for Early Learning, fully licensed by the Ministry of Children and Youth Services and Toronto Children’s Services, is made up of nine childcare centres serving communities in various high need areas of Toronto, Canada. We believe that the right learning environment supports child development. With programs for infants to children 12 years of age, our centres offer fun, educational environments that parents trust and rely on. Our Education Curriculum is designed to meet the individual developmental needs of each child, including social, physical, intellectual, creative, emotional and self-concept. Enriching Lives for 40 years,  Centres for Early Learning hosted anniversary celebrations at each of our 9 locations.  Watch the anniversary video here. For more information, please visit the Centres for Early Learning website.


Sentient HR Services

Sentient HR Services provides supply staffing for temporary and full-time staff placements at childcare centres. Sentient understands the vital role that educators play in child development and believe that the right staff will make a positive and lasting difference in the lives of children. Committed to helping clients achieve childcare excellence, the Sentient supply team is the most critical part of their business. Focused on providing the best staff, Sentient strives to assist their team reach their career potential. Sentient’s mission is to enrich the lives of children, their families and educators alike. For more information, please visit the Sentient HR Services website.


Montessori Country School

The Montessori Country School currently has two locations, one in Nobleton, Ontario, Canada and one in Milton, Ontario, Canada. The schools offer accredited Montessori curriculum and programs, as well as full-time and part-time childcare. The experience at Montessori Country Schools gives students the opportunities and experiences that build the foundation for children’s intellectual, emotional, social and physical development. Dedicated teachers and staff help to set the students on a successful path of academic and personal achievement. The Montessori Country School has been making a lasting difference in the lives of children for over 20 years. For more information, please visit the Montessori Country School website.



As a new force in next generation Kenyan construction, TechnoConstruct is poised to transform the construction sector in Kenya and Africa. Introducing a revolutionary change in the way people build across all segments of society, we are proud to be the name that comes uppermost in mind for world-class, rapid, and affordable Light Gauge Steel (LGS) construction solutions. Whether for trusses and roofing, residential homes and/or workforce accommodation, schools, ECD nurseries, clinics, Government and NGO/Diplomatic institutional structures, warehouses and storage facilities and even bus shelters, our advanced technology is the first choice for every type of structure. We offer exceptional turnkey building solutions using our Light Gauge Steel technology, which is a combination of the most innovative, rapid, safe and eco-friendly construction technique today. As a result of combining our quality with advanced technology, we are able to provide durable and aesthetic structures that have earned us an unparalleled reputation for structural accuracy and precision. Our solutions are the perfect combination of innovation, affordability and quality. For more information, please visit the TechnoConstruct website.