I Enrich Lives
I am a Trusted Partner

  • I act with Integrity
  • I am Fully Engaged
  • I Excel
  • I Collaborate
  • I am Growing
  • I make an Impact

I am Foray


The Foray Group takes great pride in our Employee Value Proposition and acts intentionally to create a culture that Enriches the Lives of not only our customers but also our employees. We know that engaged employees are successful employees. In order to achieve a strong culture of engagement, at The Foray Group, we:

  • Foster a passion for Enriching Lives in everything that we do
  • Live our values daily and in all interactions both internally and externally
  • Offer a wide range of benefits that add significant value to employees and their families
  • Enable each employee to develop ownership of their work and as such be inspired to achieve business and personal success
  • Provide employees with the opportunity to focus on their whole self, including: physical, mental and emotional health, through a variety of programs which have included walking clubs, monthly wellness newsletters and weekly meditation sessions
  • Enable our employees to devote their personal energy, leadership skills and business strengths to support outreach programs such as Habitat for Humanity and World Vision which enrich the lives of many